Player & Parent Information Guide

General Information


McCurry Park North: 112 McDonough Rd, Fayetteville 30215

McCurry Park South: 130 Country Farm Rd, Fayetteville 30215

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 721, Fayetteville, GA 30214


Field Status

Field status is updated by 4:00pm on weekdays and 8:00am on weekends.

Notification by Text or Email: sign up for StatusMe (free!) at for PTCYSA/FCYSL alerts


League Schedule

Fall Season: Games begin the first Saturday in September. The season is 10 weeks long and ends in November.

Spring Season: Games begin the end of February/beginning of March. The season is 10 weeks long and ends in May.

Fayette County school breaks: no games for 6U, 8U and 10U age groups.

Seasonal Events

Soccer Pictures: Individual and team pictures are taken within the first 4 weeks, and a makeup picture day takes place 3 weeks before the season ends.

End-of-Season T-shirt: T-shirts are given to every player and head coach in the league at the end of the season. The design is selected from contest submissions from the players, with a $50 prize to the artist of the selected design.

Practice Schedules by Age Group

4U - Saturdays 9:00 - 10:00 AM for 10 weeks

6U - Once a week for 1 hour

8U - Twice a week for 1 hour each

10U - Twice a week for 1 to 1.5 hours each

12U - Twice a week for 1 to 1.5 hours each

14U-19U - Twice a week for 1.5 hours each

Practice schedules are determined by the coaches

Player must be properly equipped for practice: shin guards, cleats/sneakers, soccer ball, water or sports drink

Players must arrive and depart on time to practices

Parent/guardian must remain at the field in case of emergency or medical attention needed for the child

Game Schedules by Age Group

4U - No games

6U, 8U - Saturdays with other FCYSL teams

10U, 12U - Saturdays and Sundays with FCYSL and other leagues, may travel locally

14U-19U - Saturdays and Sundays with FCYSL and other leagues, may travel up to 1 to 1.5 hours away

Players must arrive on time to games, and notify coaches in advance if they will not be attending a game.

Players must be properly equipped for games: uniform (correct Home/Away team colors), shin guards, soccer cleats / sneakers (U6 only), water or sports drink

No hard casts, hair accessories and jewelry are allowed

Glasses should be secured and appropriate for sports

Game Lengths by Age Group

6U - 8 minute quarters, 5 min breaks

8U - 10 minute quarters, 5 min breaks

10U - 25 minute halves, 10 min breaks

12U - 30 minute halves, 10 min breaks

14U - 35 minute halves, 10 min breaks

16U - 40 minute halves, 10 min breaks

19U - 45 minute halves, 10 min breaks

Age Groups

Player’s age group is determined by their age on 1/1:

3 = 4 & Under (4U)

4, 5 = 6 & Under (6U)

6, 7 = 8 & Under (8U)

8, 9 = 10 & Under (10U)

10, 11 = 12 & Under (12U)

12, 13 = 14 & Under (14U)

14, 15 = 16 & Under (16U)

16, 17,18 = 19 & Under (19U)

Age group does not change in the Spring season.

Players can play up to the next age group when a parent submits the request in writing (email is fine)

Players cannot play down to a younger age group

Registration Fees

The current season’s registration fees are on the Registration Page and on the registration flyers

Registration fees are based on the player’s age and not the age group if they play up.

Family discount: $5 per player for families registering more than one player.

Out-of-county fee: $25 per player


4U: blue muppet t-shirts provided by the league

6U: muppet t-shirts provided by the league, each team has a different color

8U+ : purchase uniforms from T&G All Sports, 100 Georgia 314, Fayetteville 30214. Two sets of shirts and socks are provided with one pair of shorts:

Navy jersey/navy socks (HOME games)

White jersey/white socks (AWAY games)

All players are required to wear shin guards to practices and games

U8+ players are required to wear soccer cleats to practices and games

Game Day Rules:

Park in designated areas to avoid being ticketed.

Parents and spectators sit on the opposite side of the field from players/coaches. No one may sit behind the goals.

Coaches and spectators can enter the game field only at the request of the referee.

Referees have the final call and decision about the game, no challenges and verbal abuse of the referees, players or coaches will be tolerated. Complaints can be addressed to the league by email and they will all be reviewed.

Younger teams may get younger referees, all of whom will do their best to make the fairest calls for the game.

Everyone is encouraged to use the trash containers and help to keep the fields clean.

Remember that the children play soccer to have fun, and cheering for good plays on both sides will encourage sportsmanship and participation.

Health and Safety Concerns:

Game injuries: Injured players should drop to one knee and alert teammates to kick the ball out and get the referee’s attention. Coaches will be summoned to review the injury and contact the parents.

Severe weather/thunder & lightning: If lighting is sighted and thunder is heard within 10 seconds of the sighting, leave the field immediately. Coaches and referees are trained to determine when the players should be taken off the field and if the game can continue.

Concussion: Parents, coaches and referees should all be attentive to signs of possible concussion in players, and seek medical attention immediately. Symptoms of concussions are not always readily visible or obvious. Player must have parent/guardian sign-off to return to play.

Sharing drinks: Players’ drinks should be properly labeled with their names to avoid confusion with other players’ drinks, especially during flu and cold seasons.

Heat and hydration: Players should bring plenty of water or sports drink to keep hydrated.

Wind chill and hypothermia: During cold weather, players are allowed to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants under their game uniforms, as well as soft covering such as beanie caps and gloves. Scarves and clothing with hard edges should not be worn during practices and games.

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