To Become A Referee

Referee Classes

Referee classes are ususally held during the summer and winter between seasons. At other times if we have enough candidates ready to do a class we could hold one during the season. Grade 8 and Grade 9 entry classes are run together, though the online parts and the tests are different. The eligibility for each class is based on age. If you are 14 years old or less, you have to take the Grade 9 course. If you are 15 years old or older you would take the Grade 8 class. There is a possibility that in 2019 the Grade 9 class may be eliminated, however there will still be age restrictions on what a younger grade 8 referee can do.

The current cost of doing a referee course is $90. Add another $50-100 in uniforms and equipment you will need to get for a picture of your startup costs. Once you become a referee, you have to renew your registration every year. This can be done in the Winter or Summer, though the Summer is best since new rules ususally go into effect in June. Your registration expires on December 31st each year.

Registration for the courses is done online at You can select the type of course that you want to do and select the date and location where you want to do it. All courses of the same type are the same regardless of the location where you do it. If you want to referee in Fayetteville, but the only course that's on a date convenient to you is being held in Macon, you can take that course and still ref in Fayetteville once you have completed it.

The course itself consists of an online session in which you are taught the Laws of the Game. This is done on your own and will take up to two hours or so. Next is a test which is also done online. You have to pass it, though you get three tries. The biggest failing is for sudents who don't take the test seriously and rush through it. It's an open book test. Take your time, use the Laws of the Game book to help you correctly answer the questions. The last part of the course is the in person session. This is seven hours long with a one hour lunch break. At least half of that time is spent outside on the field. If you have not completed the online parts you will not be allowed to take the in person part.

Below is a form that you can fill out if you want more information on referee classes. You may not get an immediate response but once referee classes become available or if it looks like there is enough interest to set up a mid-season class, you will be notified.