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How to Get Games with FCYSL

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Information for New Referees

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Referee Classes

Grassroots Entry Class

The minimum age for someone to become a referee is now 13 years old. Anyone over the age of 17 will also have to complete a background check and a KidSafe certification.

Click here for more information on becoming a referee.

Recertification Class

Referee have to re-certify every year. Your certification is good until December 31st of the current year. It is always advisable to attend a class in the summer months since changes to the Laws of the Game go into effect at the start of the fall season.

Click here for more information on recertification classes.

Referee Resources

    •  Georgia Soccer Referee Site

Misconduct Forms

Georgia Soccer Youth Misconduct

Use this form to report misconduct or injury on a RIAS, Classic,  Athena or Academy game

FCYSL Misconduct/Injury

Use this form to report misconduct or injury on a FCYSL Recreation game up to U14.

Laws Of The Game  

     •  IFAB/FIFA

     • Georgia Youth Rules

     •  FCYSL/AFC Lightning Small Sided Rules


Referee Education & Discussion

     •  US Soccer Referee Resources

     •  In The Opinion of the Referee

     •  Soccer Referee USA

Concussion Information

Click here for information from the CDC about Concussion Information for Youth Sports Officials (PDF format).